Communities of Practice,TESOL 2003-Baltimore
Presentations in order of appearance

Vance Stevens' On-site Presentation: Introducing Webheads

Chris Jones' On-site Presentation: What is a CoP? (PowerPoint file)
Teresa D'Eca's Virtual Presentation: Online Communication Tools (ppt file)
Arlyn Freed's On-site Presentation:
for Netscape Browsers: Practical Applications of WiA Membership
for Internet Explorer Browsers: Practical Applications of WiA Membership
Dafne Gonzalez' Virtual Presentation: Quality in E-Learning
Buthaina Al Othman's Virtual Presentation: Influence of CoPs in Teaching
Aiden Yeh's On-site Presentation: CMC and Webheads : Hand in Hand
Michael Coghlan's Virtual Presentation
EV Online Workshop 2003: Reflections through experience and experiment with communities of practice online